How it Works

STMNT is a clothing rental service where our users can rent clothes from ladies like you or from our boutique partners! We’re like Aribnb, but for your closet! 

Like 80% of clothes in closets, our STMNT items were purchased, barely worn and destined to a life in the back of your closet. STMNT believes that your clothes deserve better than that, which is why we have created a way for those too-nice-to-wear-twice items to have a second life on another gal!

STMNT is also about making sustainable living affordable and allowing our Stylists to earn money from items sitting in their closets.
How to Rent 

I want to rent, how do I do that!?

Yay!Thanks so much for coming to STMNT! Renting is done in a few steps! 
    1) Find the item! 
    2) Double check pick-up dates, owner’s measurements, available dates and click “Request Item”! 

    3) Check your email (and junk mail) for your rental details! 

    4) Sign and return your rental agreement (your rental will not be processed without it!) 

    5) Pick up the item 

    6) Wear, photograph, love your life! 

    7) Return item on the date and location outlined in the emails!

Help! I need a last minute rental!

We can help! Check the website for items in your size with rental exchange dates that work and send us an email to STAT so we can organize your pick up!

I am trying on an item - when do I pay if I want it?

You pay for the item through our website before you take it and after you try it on!

How to List/Become a Stylist

Yay! Thanks so much for your interest in listing with us! We can’t wait to have you as one of our Stylists! Send an email to and we will send you our Stylist Guide with all the info you need to list your items!


Do you have items in alternative sizes and colours?

Like many retail stores, our listed inventory (including size and colour) is what we have but we upload new items all the time! Keep us in mind!

Do you carry more size variety?

We do! Items from our Boutique Partners come in a variety of sizes! The items contributed by our Stylists only come in the sizes listed.

I have a hard time finding sizing that fits my body type well, any suggestions?

Absolutely! We ask our Stylists for a bit of information about them and the fit of their pieces as well as their personal measurements. We can often let you know a bit about them to determine if their items will be a good fit for you!

Try Ons & Fittings 

Can I try on an item before I rent it?

This answer has two parts depending on where the dress is from.

Items from Boutique Partners can absolutely be tried on! We will schedule a fitting for you before you go in. To schedule, send an email to with your size, the dress or dresses that you are interested in and preferred date and time. There are no fittings from Thursday-Sunday and bookings are preferred before 2pm.

Items from STMNT Stylists depends on the owner. The details for try ons will be available in the item’s description and are based on the owner!

If I try an item on and like it, what are the next steps?

To process the rental, payment must be made through the website and the Rental Agreement must be signed. To make this easier, we suggest showing up to try ons/ fittings with your Rental Agreement signed. Check your junk mail if you do not receive an e-mail right away. 

How do I book a try on/fitting?

Specified try on locations and times are listed in each item’s description. Send an email to with one of the times and places that works well for you and we will organize the logistics! We will confirm the date and time via email!

Store Location & Shipping

Where is your store located?

STMNT is a digital platform, meaning we do not have a physical store. You can shop our inventory online!

Do you ship items?

We do not! STMNT is geographically focused to make our rentals affordable and decrease our environmental impact. If you are interested in renting and are located outside of London, Ontario, send an email to with your location, your event date and the item you are interested in.

Photo Shoots & Sponsorships

I have a photo shoot coming up, can I rent items for it?

Yes! We receive lots of requests to help style photoshoots. Send us an email to with items from the website that you are looking to rent and information about the shoot and we will look into it!

I am hosting an event and want to include STMNT

Yay! Thanks so much for thinking of us! Send an email to to let us know what's going on! We book our events a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

I am an influencer and want to collaborate

Great! Thanks for your interest in working with us, we love collaborations! Send an email to and we will see how we can work together!

& if all else fails, hit us up!