Everyone should have the right to feel safe in his or her own community. But unfortunately that is not yet a reality for all. Some people live in a world that seems full of fear and harassment and it can seem like the only choice is to be silent and bare it. It is the responsibility of everyone to work towards ending street harassment and negativity within all of our communities. This site wants to help spread the word on just how to do that.

One person's voice and the story that they have to tell really can change the world. Information can be passed to literally millions of people across the globe with the help of the Internet. It's the power of togetherness and it's certainly a powerful weapon when used well. Those who are experiencing street harassment often feel that they are alone and that there is nowhere to turn. We are here to help those in need and to connect them with those that want to offer any kind of assistance.

One of the main issues surrounding street harassment is that it is rarely reported or talked about at all by the victims. Some might even believe that they deserve this kind of treatment just because they are different in some way or another. We are all about finding the things that we have in common opposed to those things that separate us. Gender, race or sexual violence is never okay no matter who you are or what neighborhood you're living in.

We are here to spread the word and there are all sorts of different ways to do that. We want to empower and inform you on all of the issues surrounding street harassment. You might be looking for some tips on volunteering or could be looking for clues that will help you determine whether someone you know is being harassed. We are a small part of a huge movement to stop violence and harassment and can teach you how to find your own place and have your voice heard.

Getting involved doesn't have to be something that takes too much of your time or requires you to donate money. It is great if you want to make a large contribution but just reading a little bit on the topic will put us that one more step in the right direction. Negativity towards others is often linked to ignorance and getting informed and informing others will always be important. Come back often and you will find all sorts of stories on dozens of different topics.

Our mission is simple: To help as many people as we can to make a safer and more tolerant world. If you have the same goal than this is just the site for you. We are passionate about community support for children all the way up to those in the latter years of their life. Pssss.org is made possible though funding by sponsors like Abba Parts. It is also possible from the support we are given from Frontiereavesandsiding.ca

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